What is Reflections?

Reflections is a first-person, narrative exploration game where  the actions you take affect the outcome of your life. Every action has meaningful consequences that can radically shape the experience. This "butterfly effect" is represented by the game's unique color mechanic, which flushes the black and white world with color based on each interaction, illustrating your progress and providing clues to what your future might hold. In Reflections, you can explore life goals, relationships and the philosophical implications of choice in this very unique approach to branching narrative.


  • You create the story - The powerful Storyteller engine watches everything you do and changes the experience to suit. 

  • Three Acts - Experience various moments in your life which differ radically based on what you choose to do. 

  • Dynamic progression - time passes as you play, changing the opportunites and events that unfold 

  • Full environment interactivity - If you want to do it, you probably can. Reflections isn't about sitting and watching. Everything has its use. 

  • AI that responds to you - Multiple characters and creatures to build relationships with, relationships that may last your whole life 

  • Beautiful environments - stark black and white environments that slowly get filled with color by your actions

  • Fully supports the Oculus Rift

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Available on PC, Mac and Linux

The Setting

In Reflections, you are getting ready to leave home and start your life as an adult. You have to put things in order and get ready to leave by the end of the day. To do so, you can tidy up your business, help build relationships, or just go exploring. From there, it's up to you; the entire course of the game is based on the actions you take. 


About the Storyteller

Reflections uses a unique Storyteller engine, that allows anything that happens to feed into the narrative. Rather than picking story options, everything you do is part of the story. How you choose to spend your time matters; the Storyteller shapes your future out of everything, no matter how big or small. A complex system under the hood determines how actions affect your story, and makes hundreds of changes to accomodate. These changes can be as small as an item that reappears later in your life after it was used, or as big as an entirely new landscape to explore based on your larger choices. Our goal is to custom tailer an experience that you can relate to, which feels like something that you made happen. 


Virtual Reality

Like everything Broken Window Studios develops, the game fully supports the use of the Oculus Rift. We're also looking into additional options for immersive controls, and will keep everyone updated as finalize our feature set. 


History of Reflections

Reflections started as a game jam project in 2012, but was never released due to its unusual design. Since then, the genre of experimental, real world experiences has exploded, with games like The Stanley Parable, Gone Home, Dear Esther and more seeing great success. We had originally thought the game wasn't especially marketable, mainly because the barriers to marketplaces seemed daunting. However, we feel that it is now the right time. 

The main feature of Reflections, The Storyteller engine, is an experimental tool which is also being used in our other project, Grave, which was greenlit and Kickstarted last year. Reflections is an amazing example of the tech, and has served as a test bed for many of our Studio's design concepts. Reflections is not only a standalone game, but serves to demostrate our story technology and how it will be used in future projects. 

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