Reflections Press Kit

Broken Window Studio Announces Reflections is Launching on Steam Early Access on June 26th!


Real-World Adventure Game Offers Unique Gameplay Where Every Action Contributes to a Unique Story Experience


About Reflections

Reflections is a real-world adventure game where every action you take has meaningful consequences that radically shape the experience. The game takes a new approach to story, where everything you do can be woven into a narrative that drastically changes, thanks to Broken Window Studios’ Storyteller Engine™. 

  • You create the story - The powerful Storyteller engine watches everything you do and changes the experience to suit. 

  • Three Acts - Experience various moments in your life which differ radically based on what you choose to do. 

  • Dynamic Progression - time passes as you play, changing the opportunites and events that unfold

  • Full Environment Interactivity - If you want to do it, you probably can. Reflections isn't about sitting and watching. Everything has its use. AI that responds to you - Multiple characters and creatures to build relationships with, relationships that may last your whole life

  • Beautiful Environments - stark black and white environments that slowly get filled with color by your actions

  • Fully Compatible with Oculus Rift


Platforms/Release Schedule

PC, Mac and Linux (Steam) – Q1 2017

PlayStation 4, Xbox One – Summer 2017

Virtual Reality

Oculus Rift, Oculus Touch, HTC Vive




About Broken Window Studios
Founded in 2014, Broken Window Studios is based in Phoenix, AZ. With a team of dedicated, veteran game makers, the studio is focused on developing and publishing unique game experiences that are different and memorable. Broken Window Studios currently has two announced projects in production, Reflections, and Grave, both of which strive to lay the foundation for new storytelling opportunities for game developers, as well as unique, individual gameplay experiences for players. For more information, please visit:


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NOTE to Media, Bloggers and Video Casters: Steam keys will be available for preview in the coming weeks. Please send your request to: if you are interested in obtaining a Steam early access key.




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